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AWS IoT SDK for embedded C version 202009.00 now available with refactored MQTT, JSON, and AWS IoT device shadow libraries

AWS IoT Device SDK for Embedded C (C-SDK) version 202009.00 is now available with refactored MQTT, JSON, and AWS IoT Device Shadow libraries optimized for memory usage and modularity, and it includes dependent libraries added via GitHub submoduling. Th… Continue Reading — AWS IoT SDK...


Amazon Connect launches contact flow management APIs

You can now create, describe, update, and publish contact flows via API. Contact-center administrators can now programmatically configure and test their contact flows, accelerating the time and effort to deploy changes and minimizing avoidable errors. … Continue Reading — Amazon Connect launches contact flow management...


Stable kernels 5.8.10, 5.4.66, and 4.19.146

Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced the release of the 5.8.10, 5.4.66, and 4.19.146 stable kernels. They contain important fixes throughout the tree and users should upgrade. Continue Reading — Stable kernels 5.8.10, 5.4.66, and 4.19.146


GNOME’s new versioning scheme

The GNOME Project has announced a change to its version-numbering scheme; the next release will be “GNOME 40”. “After nearly 10 years of 3.x releases, the minor version number is getting unwieldy. It is also exceedingly clear that we’re not going to bump the major version because...


Chef Habitat Joins the Greater Chef Community

Chef Habitat is an open-source automation product for defining, packaging, and delivering applications to any environment, regardless of operating system or platform. Habitat was launched by Chef as a new project with its own stand-alone community site (habitat.sh) in 2016. Chef Habitat has continued to mature...


[$] The seqcount latch lock type

The kernel contains a wide variety of locking primitives; it can be hard to stay on top of all of them. So even veteran kernel developers might be forgiven for being unaware of the “seqcount latch” lock type or its use. While this lock type has...


SUSE Addresses “ZeroLogon” Vulnerability

On September 11, Secura research published a new software vulnerability called “ZeroLogon”, which exploits a protocol weakness in the SMB Netlogon protocol. This vulnerability may affect users of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server running Samba servers in older or non-standard configurations. Attackers could use it to bypass...


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