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Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Supports pglogical Extension

Starting today, Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL supports the pglogical extension. pglogical is an open source PostgreSQL extension that helps customers replicate data between independent Aurora PostgreSQL databases while maintaining consistent read-write acce… Continue Reading — Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Supports pglogical Extension


How to accelerate Kubernetes deployment in the enterprise

As Kubernetes adoption spreads from early adopters to slower-moving enterprises, many companies are discovering that while containers and Kubernetes offer advantages around development, velocity, agility, and cost management, they also create a new set of challenges to overcome. While there are commonalities in the types of...


[$] Saying goodbye to set_fs()

The set_fs() function dates back to the earliest days of the Linux kernel; it is a key part of the machinery that keeps user-space and kernel-space memory separated from each other. It is also easy to misuse and has been the source of various s… ...


PostgreSQL 13 released

Version 13 of the PostgreSQL database management system is out. “PostgreSQL 13 includes significant improvements to its indexing and lookup system that benefit large databases, including space savings and performance gains for indexes, faster re… Continue Reading — PostgreSQL 13 released


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