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AWS Marketplace launches Discovery API, making it easier to discover relevant third-party software and data products

AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalog with 8000+ software listings and data products, has announced general availability of AWS Marketplace Discovery API. This launch enables independent software vendors (ISVs) and data providers to curate and sur… Continue Reading — AWS Marketplace launches Discovery API, making...


Amazon Braket now offers D-Wave’s Advantage quantum system for quantum annealing

Customers now can use D-Wave’s Advantage system on the Amazon Braket quantum computing service. The new Advantage quantum processing unit (QPU) has more than 5000 qubits with 15-way connectivity to enable researchers and developers to explore larger, more complex quantum optimization problems. Continue Reading —...


[$] New features in the fish shell

Fish (the “friendly interactive shell”) has the explicit goal of being more user-friendly than other shells. It features a modern command-line interface with syntax highlighting, tab completion, and auto-suggestions out of the box (all with no … Continue Reading — [$] New features in the...


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