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Amazon Transcribe Medical now provides automatic Protected Health Information (PHI) identification

Amazon Transcribe Medical is a HIPAA-eligible automatic speech recognition (ASR) service that makes it easy for developers to add speech-to-text capabilities to healthcare and life science applications. As of today, we’re excited to launch support for the automatic identification of protected health information (PHI) in your...


Amazon GuardDuty introduces machine learning domain reputation model to expand threat detection and improve accuracy

Amazon GuardDuty introduces a new machine learning domain reputation model that can categorize previously unseen domains as highly likely to be malicious or benign based on their behavioral characteristics. GuardDuty uses this new capability to alert c… Continue Reading — Amazon GuardDuty introduces machine learning...


Amazon SNS now supports 1-minute CloudWatch metrics

Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) now publishes metrics at 1-minute resolution to Amazon CloudWatch, providing granular monitoring for Amazon SNS standard and FIFO topics. Previously, Amazon SNS published metrics to Amazon CloudWatch in 5… Continue Reading — Amazon SNS now supports 1-minute CloudWatch metrics


Amazon Elastic File System triples read throughput

Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) now allows you to drive up to 3x higher read throughput on your file system. For example, bursting mode file systems now provide 300MB/s of bursting read throughput, or 300MB/s per TiB of data stored in Amazon EF… Continue...


[$] Tackling the monopoly problem

There was a time when people who were exploring computational technology saw it as the path toward decentralization and freedom worldwide. What we have ended up with, instead, is a world that is increasingly centralized, subject to surveillance… Continue Reading — [$] Tackling the monopoly...


Critical security problem in Libgcrypt 1.9.0

The GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG or GPG) project has announced a critical security bug in Libgcrypt version 1.9.0 released January 19. “Libgcrypt is a general purpose library of cryptographic building blocks. It is originally based on code used by GnuPG. It does not provide any implementation of...


Malcolm: Static analysis updates in GCC 11

David Malcolm describes the progress in the GCC static analyzer for the upcoming GCC 11 release. “In GCC 10, I added the new -fanalyzer option, a static analysis pass for identifying various problems at compile-time, rather than at runtime. The initial implementation was aimed at early adopters,...


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