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[$] From O_MAYEXEC to trusted_for()

The ability to execute the contents of a file is controlled by the execute-permission bits — some of the time. If a given file contains code that can be executed by an interpreter — such as shell commands or code in a language like Perl or...


Hacktoberfest 2020

The Puppet team wants you to join us during this year’s Hacktoberfest. Get the details here and sign up. Continue Reading — Hacktoberfest 2020


Purism Launches $99/m Librem AweSIM Cellular Service

The Librem AweSIM is a $99/m unlimited mobile plan from Purism, makers of the Librem 5 Linux phone. The AweSIM plans is available to American customers. This post, Purism Launches $99/m Librem AweSIM Cellular Service is from OMG! Ubuntu!. Do not reprod… Continue Reading —...


Monthly News – September 2020

As usual and before we get on with the news I’d like to thank all the people who support our project. Many thanks to our sponsors, partners and to many of you for your donations. Critical regression in Linux Mint 19 We’ll start with the bad...


Linux-based Windows makes perfect sense>

Eric S. Raymond, one of open-source’s founding fathers, thinks we’re nearing the last phase of the desktop wars . The winner? Windows’¦ running on Linux . “Google chose to save money and increase security by using Linux as the basis for Chrome OS . This worked...


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