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Solaris SVM: Recovery procedures when BOTH sides of the mirror indicate a "Last Erred" state

As a result of unusual failures such as multiple power failures, Solstice DiskSuite /Solaris  Volume Manager both submirrors of a metadevice mirror may be left in an unusual “Last Erred / Last Erred” state making it impossible to determine exactly which submirror must be fixed/replaced first...


DevOps Series – Automation with Puppet – Part2

What Is Configuration Management? Configuration management is a broad term, that relates to products and software. In the information technology/ operations world, configuration management can imply OS configuration, application management and deployment, and product management. Configuration management can be defined as the process that maintains consistency...


5 Linux Command to Summarize file Contents

 wc command::                                      Print newline, word, and byte counts  sum command::                                    Print checksum and block counts  cksum command::                                 Print CRC checksum and byte counts  md5sum command::                             Print or check MD5 digests  sha1sum  and sha2 commands::           Print or check SHA-1 digests and SHA-2 digests


VXVM 6.1 – How to Get Information about current Veritas DMP devices?

Below example will display all the existing DMP devices : # /etc/vx/bin/vxgetdmpnames enclosure vendor=SEAGATE product=ST336607LSUN36G serial=DISKS name=disk     dmpnode serial=303432354139303747590000 name=disk_0     dmpnode serial=30343235413930424C300000 name=disk_1     dmpnode serial=30343238413933595A360000 name=disk_2 enclosure vendor=HITACHI product=DF600F serial=77011046 name=ams_wms0     dmpnode serial=0008 name=ams_wms0_8     dmpnode serial=0009...


Just enough GiT for Puppet Automation – Part2

All Posts in this Series Just enough GiT for Puppet Automation – Part1 Just enough GiT for Puppet Automation – Part2 Just enough GiT for Puppet Automation – Part3 Just enough GiT for Puppet Automation – Part4 Just enough GiT for Puppet Automation – Part5 Just...

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