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Amazon WorkDocs now supports Dark Mode on iOS

Starting today, you can now switch the color theme of your WorkDocs iOS application for a darker appearance. With Dark Mode, the appearance of the app is inverted so that instead of black text on white background, you see white text on a black background. The...


[$] Fixing our broken internet

In unusually stark terms, Mozilla is trying to rally the troops to take back the internet from the forces of evil—or at least “misinformation, corruption and greed”—that have overtaken it. In a September 30 blog post, the organization behind the Firefox web browser warned that “the internet...


CodeGuru Profiler now supports resource tagging

Amazon CodeGuru Profiler now supports resource tagging for profiling groups, making it easy for AWS customers to manage their resources effectively as their utilization of AWS services begins to scale.   Continue Reading — CodeGuru Profiler now supports resource tagging


Applications using Amazon SNS to send SMS can now be hosted in Europe (London) and Canada (Central) regions

Customers that use Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) to send text messages (SMS) to mobile users can now host their application in Canada (Central) and Europe (London) regions. Using Amazon SNS, customers can send a message directly to on… Continue Reading — Applications using...


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