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Database Activity Streams for Amazon Aurora is available in four additional regions

Amazon Aurora now supports Database Activity Streams in the South America (Sao Paulo), Middle East (Bahrain), Africa (Cape Town), and Europe (Milan) regions. Database Activity Streams for Amazon Aurora with MySQL compatibility and Amazon Aurora with P… Continue Reading — Database Activity Streams for Amazon...


AWS Elemental MediaLive Statmux adds MPEG2 support and other features

AWS Elemental MediaLive Statistical Multiplexing (Statmux) now supports MPEG-2 encoding. Broadcasters can now use the AWS cloud to perform MPEG-2 encoding to feed legacy devices with limited codec support, without needing to perform expensive upgrades of their customer’s or partner’s decoding devices. Now that MediaLive Statmux...


Announcing new digital curriculum: Moving to Managed Databases on AWS

This free new digital training curriculum contains modules that explain the benefits of and process for moving from self-managed databases to fully-managed database solutions in the cloud. The four-hour fundamental curriculum includes eight self-paced … Continue Reading — Announcing new digital curriculum: Moving to Managed...


An open letter to Apache OpenOffice

On the 20th anniversary of the open-sourcing of the OpenOffice.org suite, the LibreOffice has sent an open letter to the Apache OpenOffice project suggesting that it is time for the latter to recognize that the game is over. “If Apache OpenOffice wants to still maintain its...


Plausible relicenses to AGPL

Plausible, a web-analytics package that was reviewed here in June, has announced a move from the MIT license to the Affero GPL, version 3. “This change makes no difference to any of you who subscribe to Plausible Cloud or who self-host Pla… Continue Reading — Plausible...


Plasma 5.20 released

Version 5.20 of the Plasma KDE desktop is out. “A massive release, containing improvements to dozens of components, widgets, and the desktop behavior in general. Everyday utilities and tools, such as the Panels, Task Manager, Notifications and… Continue Reading — Plasma 5.20 released


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