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Solaris10 : SMF Troubleshooting Guide

SMF logfiles can be found in the following locations: /var/svc/log & /etc/svc/volatile The SMF manifests and methods may be found here: /var/svc/manifest/* /lib/svc/method/* To see the log file location for a given service use: #svcs -l <FMRI> | grep logfile (<FMRI> – Fault Management Resource Identifier)  


Solaris 10 : Fault Management Daemon Services

The most important aspect of FMA to understand is the distinction between errors and faults. Errors are no longer simply written to the /var/adm/messages files for a human to diagnose, instead errors are used by the fmd (fault management daemon) to diagnose faults. Only the faults are...


Solaris 8 & 9 : SAN Configuration Steps

Steps to configure Fibre Channel (FC) storage devices on Solaris 8 & 9 servers.  After reboot Oracle/Sun HBA Driver will bind to all Oracle/Sun Branded HBA Hardware, as well as, NON-Oracle/Sun Branded HBA Hardware, assuming NON-Oracle/Sun Branded HBA Driver have been properly removed.


Linux: AutoFS Configuration

Autofs Service executes auto-mount daemon for filesystem mounting. The “auto-mount” behaves “mount a filesystem when a client send a request to this daemon” and “unmount it when there’s no request for a long time”. There are two types of automounters in Linux, autofs and AMD.AMD is...


VCS : Configure /etc/llttab

The /etc/llttab file must specify the system’s ID number (or its node name), its cluster ID, and the network links that correspond to the system. In addition, the file can contain other directives. Refer also to the sample llttab file in /opt/VRTSllt. Run the dladm show-dev command...


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