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Solaris SVM – moving file system from one partition to another partition on the fly

Moving a file system normally  involves dismounting the file system, backing it up to tapes, and restoring it to a new partition. You may also copy the file system from one place to another while it is unmounted. This process could take a significant amount of...


VXVM : Unable to recognise newly-added disks

VERITAS Volume Manager 3.x/4.x: Unable to Recognize Newly-Added Disks. A few reasons why this occurs: The command vxdctl enable should be run, to rescan the host for any newly-added disks.


Cloud Computing : adoption issues

In my previous post  about ” Cloud Computing” ,  I tried to explain my understanding about cloud computing so far. In this post I am trying to highlight some of the important points and concerns , from various research studies, that need attention while planning for...


Solaris Troubleshooting Jumpstart – “Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet”

Below is the Common procedure used to troubleshoot the error message “Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet” First identify the MAC address of the interface used to boot the client for the network installation. You can also use below procedures to identify the MAC address of the...


Storage : Verifying STMS (mpxio) Health

The steps below will help confirm that STMS is being used and both paths are seen. 1. Validate that STMS is enabled: Check that the mpxio-disable parameter is set to “no”. *Solaris[TM] 7,8,9 — check /kernel/drv/scsi_vhci.conf *Solaris[TM] 10 only — /kernel/drv/fp.conf Example: mpxio-disable=”no”; If mpxio-disable is...


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