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Linux Boot loader – GRUB

The function of a boot loader is to locate the Linux kernel, and load it into memory before starting it. Boot loading usually occurs in at least two    stages – the BIOS loads the primary boot loader, which loads a secondary boot loader in order...


VXVM on Solaris ( Sparc ) – Understanding boot Failures

Possible reasons for a boot failure: The boot device cannot be opened. The system cannot be be booted from unusable or stale plexes. A UNIX partition is invalid. There are incorrect entries in /etc/vfstab. Configuration files are missing or damaged


Beginner’s Lesson – VERITAS Volume Manager for Solaris

  Veritas Volume Manager is a storage management application by Symantec ,  which allows you to manage physical disks as logical devices called volumes. VxVM uses two types of objects to perform the storage management 1. Physical objects – are direct mappings to physical disks 2 . Virtual...


Solaris Admin Reference – IPMP Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

Symptoms: *  mpathd error messages in /var/adm/messages: “No test address configured on interface <interface_name> disabling probe-based failure detection on it” “Test address address is not unique; disabling probe based failure detection on <interface_name>” “The link has gone down on <interface_name>” “Successfully failed over from  NIC  <interface_name1>...


Solaris 10: Configuring netmasks and default gateway in zones

The command, zonecfg, has no provision for defining the netmask of network resources. Modifying /etc/netmask file resident within the designated zone does not configure the netmask of the new interface. This procedure details how to set the netmask of a network resource within a zone to...


Solaris Troubleshooting Jumpstart – Common Problems

How Jumpstart Works:     First Level Boot Process 1) When the “boot net – install” command is issued at the ok prompt, the JumpStart client looks for a Jumpstart boot server. 2) The boot server responds to the rarp request via the “rarpd” daemon (in.rarpd)....


VxVM : Convert a UFS filesystem to VxFS filesystem ( prior to VxVM 3.4 )

For VxFS versions previous to version 3.4, the only real conversion method involves a backup of the UFS data and a restore of the data to a new VxFS filesystem.  It is impossible to “convert” a filesystem without some downtime.


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