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Solaris Reference – How to Create a New Domain on Sun Enterprise 10K

Below Procedure describes how to add a new two-board domain, using Sun direct attach boot storage to an existing Sun Enterprise 10000 platform. You will use the System Service Process (SSP) as a boot server for the domain’s new operating system. The SSP is a SPARC...


ILOM ( Integrated Lights out Manager) Command line Reference

The X4000 Family implements the ILOM – Integrated Lights Out Manager. This is a combination of dedicated hardware and supporting software. The Sun Fire X64 family of servers implement a technology called ILOM – Integrated Lights Out Manager where available. This is a combination of dedicated...


Solaris DNS : Checking DNS settings to troubleshoot sendmail

In this post we will discuss about the commands to check DNS configuration and functions for sendmail. Follow these steps to: ensure dns client configuration is in place and enabled; verify mail exchanger lookups are successful (if using DNS for mail exchanger lookups). To resolve error...


Storage : "Failed to create nodes for pwwn" error during solaris boot

If Fibre Channel devices are not present or turned off, boot errors will occur. Without corrective action, these errors will persist for every re-boot. The boot errors which are linked to this problem, can be found in the /var/adm/messages file, and are formatted as follows:


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