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Day in SA Life : Working Remotely for an hardware issue

Below is  Sample production environment : 1. Server Infrastructure was located in Two different Data center ( DC ).  One DC is for Production Servers and another one for Disaster Recovery( DR) servers 2. System Administrators and Application Developers are sitting in different countries and working remotely....


HBA replacement in Solaris.

HBA replacement in Solaris. HBA replacement is one of the major and tricky task in Solaris as it involves the understanding of WWN. Both Old WWN (for faulty HBA) and New WWN (for newly installed HBA) are required for zoning and masking to map the HBA paths from...


Your opinion matters for gurkulindia

With more than 350+ system administration posts,  gurkulindia.com turned as  one of the best knowledge base for most of the system administrators all over the world.      On our way to improve this site as more perfect  learning site  for system administration, we would like to listen your...


Solaris Troubleshooting : Memory usage checking and troubleshooting

First you’ll need to check  how much Memory is used in Kernel and how much is used in User Memory. This is important to decide, what troubleshooting steps are required. A nice mdb dcmd ( this command can take several minutes to complete, and you have...


How to collect crash dump for solaris x-86 arch servers.

How to collect crash dump for solaris x-86 arch servers. Sometimes your System crashed/paniced all of a sudden and you will see there will not be any crash dump files created for analysis. But Vendor always require system dump files to analyze the server to provide...


Creation of a Hardware Mirrored Volume in Solaris Servers.

Creation of a Hardware Mirrored Volume in Solaris Servers: 1.) Verify which hard drive corresponds with which logical device name and physical device name, using the raidctl command: # raidctl Controller: 1 Disk: 0.0.0 Disk: 0.1.0 Disk: 0.2.0 Disk: 0.3.0 Disk: 0.4.0 Disk: 0.5.0 Disk: 0.6.0...


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