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VxVM : Recovering the mirrored volume with both sides of mirror components ( plexes) had Error State

This post is continuation to the Yogesh’s recent post ” Recovering Disabled Disk groups” ( which is talking about recovering Disk group which has no volume issues at low level but just failed to initiate during the start up),  and also related to the post  “Recovering...


Solaris : Configure to network service ( e.g. telnet) to listen different port other than default one

If you want to make a TCP application bind to a different port instead of standard port then here is what you do.  This will enable to telnet to a machine only if you know the port number. 1. vi /etc/services file and edit the line for telnet...


Dynamic LUN expansion in Veritas Volume Manager on Solaris OS

In gurkulindia.com under Storage Configuration section, we have already discussed many examples on how to expand a filesystem using the new Storage LUNs allocated to a server. There are situations, that storage team sometimes just expands the already assigned LUN to the extra size ( provided...


VxVM Troubleshooting – vxdisk list shows "online failing"

There are times that we see the disk status as “online failing” in vxdisk list output, even though the underlying hardware issue is not with the disk but with either controller or some other related hardware. Once we fix the non disk related hardware issue we...


Solaris Troubleshooting DNS : Checking DNS settings to troubleshoot sendmail

In this post we will discuss about the commands to check DNS configuration and functions for sendmail. Follow these steps to: ensure dns client configuration is in place and enabled; verify mail exchanger lookups are successful (if using DNS for mail exchanger lookups). To resolve error...


Basis Filesystem Management in Linux

In this doc I am trying to present base for Linux Filesystem. I tried to cover Theoratical and Pratical portition where-ever it is necessary. What is Filesystem In simple term you can say a FS is a medium to access your files/directories in any Unix Flavour....


Solaris Troubleshooting : NFS – Hard vs Soft mounts

NFS-filesystems that are mounted read-write or that contain executable files should always be mounted with the “hard” option. Normally an application is not aware of where the data (files) it is accessing is located – it only knows the pathname.  The data could be located locally in an UFS...


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