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HBA firmware upgrades on Solaris servers.

HBA firmware upgrades on Solaris servers. In continuation to pre works for storage migration, herein I will be presenting HBA Firmware upgrades on Solaris servers (using Emulex & Lpfc utilities). We will be upgrading HBA Firmware from version 2.72a2 to 2.82a4 for HBA Model Model: LPe11002-M4...


Solaris Troubleshooting : Calculate Collision rate in ethernet network

Collisions may occour on ethernet links which are operating at Half Duplex (HDX). They do not occour on links using Full Duplex (FDX). The normal formula to calculate the packet collision rate is: ( collisions / output packets ) * 100 = collision rate For example: #...


Sysadmin BestPractices: Configuring loghost on Sun Fire 3800, 4800, 4900, 6800 and E6900

It is considered a ‘Best Practice’ to configure a ‘loghost’s for each server and production domain. A ‘Loghost’ on a Solaris platform can permanently save messages that are logged in the System Controller’s NVRAM buffer. This will insure that they are not lost due to either a...


SUN Hardware : Firmware upgrade method on Sun Fire T1000/T2000

This post describes how to select the firmware, the firmware upgrade method and upgrade the system firmware on Sun Fire  T1000 and Sun Fire  T2000 server Firmware Verification 1. To determine the current System Firmware revision installed on the system, from the System Controller command-line interface...


VCS : Configuring Veritas Cluster and Configuration files

About the VCS configuration files VCS configuration files include the following: main.cf The installer creates the VCS configuration file in the /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config folder by default during the VCS configuration. The main.cf file contains the minimum information that defines the cluster and its nodes. types.cf The file...


VCS : Sample VCS configuration with Single Oracle Instance

  Sample VCS configuration file for single Oracle instance Review the sample configuration with a resource of type Oracle that is configured as follows in main.cf file. The shared disk groups and volumes in the cluster are configured as resources of type DiskGroup and Volume respectively....


Solaris SVM: Recovery procedures when BOTH sides of the mirror indicate a "Last Erred" state

As a result of unusual failures such as multiple power failures, Solstice DiskSuite /Solaris  Volume Manager both submirrors of a metadevice mirror may be left in an unusual “Last Erred / Last Erred” state making it impossible to determine exactly which submirror must be fixed/replaced first...


EMCpowerpath & EMCsymmetrix upgrades on Solaris servers.

In this post I will present EMCpowerpath & EMCsymmetrix upgrades on Solaris servers. We will be upgrading EMCpowerpath from version 5.0 to 5.3 & EMCsymmetrix from version v6.4.x to v7.1.x. a. EMCpowerpath upgrade                          ...


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