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VCS Learning : Learn about Cluster Hearbeats

Cluster heartbeat connections are important components of VCS cluster, to allow cluster to work as expected for fail over and failback operations. In this post i will be showing to some basic verification that helps unix admins to confirm the health status of the cluster heartbeats.   Once we have the...


Happy New Year 2013, Thank You. >

    A year is nearing to end. The year 2012  left me with both tearful and smiling memories.And during all the times,this small tiny site kept me moving in life with a very calm and occupied mind. This site allowed me to interact with brilliant...


Storage Operations – VxVM vs RHEL LVM2

  Storage Operation VXVM RHEL LVM2 Installation and Configuration Installed using Veritas installer Installed as part of standard build via rpm Scan for new devices # vxdctl enable # vgscan Print list of volumes # vxprint -v # lvdisplay -C Print current config (detailed) # vxdg list # vgdisplay   list volume...


Veritas Netbackup : Unable to detect Robot from master server after Veritas Netbackup upgrade to

 Below are the steps to rebuild the /dev/sg/* and /dev/rmt/* and to detect Robot devices on a Solaris server:  Note: Prior to below steps I have verified the outputs in cfgadm to check Tapes and Media Changer (Robot) status.  1.)  Check and create a backup copy...


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