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Redhat Enterprise Linux – Troubleshooting Kernel Panic issues – Part 2

    This is continuation post to our earlier kernel panic reference post ( Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 – Kernel Panic and System Crash – Troubleshooting Quick Reference )  where we have discussed several types of kernel panic issues and their reasons. And in this post I will be...


RHCS : GFS2 Filesystem Administration in Clustered Environment – Part2

In our previous post  ( RHCS : GFS2 Filesystem configuration in Clustered Environment – Part1 ) we have discussed about the introduction and initial configuration of GFS2. And this post we will go through the administration tasks related to GFS2 filesystems. And this post doesn’t cover entire admin tasks...


Linux Admin Reference – GFS2 Filesystem configuration in Clustered Environment – RHCS Part1

  What is the Purpose of LVM in Clustered Environment and What are the Limitations? The Red Hat GFS2 file system is a native file system that interfaces directly with the Linux kernel file system interface (VFS layer). Red Hat supports the use of GFS2 file...


Solaris 10 : How to give Special Privileges to Some specific Zones

Whenever we install Solaris Zones, Solaris will assign some set of privileges to take care of activities that impacts overall systems that means that particular zone as well as other zones. And Solaris classifies the available privileges as  1. Default Privileges 2. Optional Privileges 3. Prohibited...


RHEL 6 : ISCSI Administration Series : Configuring Shared ISCSI Storage

  This is a continuation post to our ISCSI administration series in RHEL6 ( here are the links to my previous posts  RHEL 6 – ISCSI Administration Series – Configuring ISCSI Server and Client &  RHEL 6 – ISCSI Administration Series – ISCSI Lun resize  ). This...


Eleven Reasons that causes INIT: Cannot create /var/adm/utmpx – Solaris

The utmpx and wtmpx files are extended database files that have superseded the obsolete utmp and wtmp database files.  The utmpx database contains user access and accounting information for commands such as who, write, and login. The wtmpx database contains the history of user access and...


RHEL6 – KVM Administration CookBook – Part 1

I believe, this is one of the long pending post from me. Anyway, before proceeding with the actual cook book first let’s briefly recollect the concept of virtualization.  Virtualization is noting but creating an abstraction layer in between the Operating System and Hardware , so that the physical hardware...


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