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VXVM 6.1 – How to Convert VxVM disks and Diskgroup to CDS compatible?

Check if the disk group, mydg, and all its disks can be made portable: # vxcdsconvert -g mydg -A group Make the disk group, mydg, and all its disks portable while its volumes are still online: # vxcdsconvert -g mydg -o novolstop group


VXVM 6.1 – How to Use Vxattachd to send notifications during VxVM disks are being Detached?

The vxattachd daemon monitors Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) for disks being attached. The vxattachd daemon reattaches the detached plexes or sites if the corresponding disks become accessible. vxattachd analyzes the output of the vxnotify command, and waits for a failed disk to attach. When a disk...


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Solaris 10 – How to Setup Locales using localeadm?

One of the most important factor for application programs is that the locale . Locale define the  native-language environment, code sets, data and time formatting conventions, monetary conversions and the standard library functions of ANSI C. A locale name is follows the pattern of base language,...


VXVM 6.1 – How to Use Ordered options with vxassist command

 If the -o ordered option is specified when creating a volume, vxassist uses the specified storage in the following order: 1. Concatenate disks. 2. Form columns. 3. Form mirrors. For example, the following command creates a mirrored-stripe volume with 3 columns and 2 mirrors on 6...


VXVM 6.1 – How to use ctrl ( Storage Controller) option with vxassist?

To create a  volume where two enclosures are connected to a host. The first through controllers c1, c2 and the second through controllers c3, c4. The following can be used: # vxassist make vol1 1024 !ctlr:c1 results in disks from the first enclosure being excluded from the...


Solaris 10 – How to access SVM root disk from fail safe / Cdrom boot

This procedure explains the steps required to access a root filesystem under SVM, during the situation when the solaris cannot boot in normal way and it require to boot from failsafe or cdrom. In this procedure the device /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0 is used as our root filesystem slice.....


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