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Solaris 11 – How to manage Cron and Crontab in Solaris 11

The simplest way to create a crontab file is to use the crontab -e command. This command invokes the text editor that has been set for your system environment. The default editor for your system environment is defined in the EDITOR environment variable. If this variable...


Migrating NIS Server from Solaris10 to RHEL6

Case Study : The Company igurkul.com wants to move it’s entire platform environment from Solaris to Linux. in this post , we will be discussing about the procedure to migrate the existing NIS server from Solaris 10 to RHEL6. Please note that we will be migrating...


Solaris 11 – How to manage Solaris Boot Archives

The bootadm command handles the details of boot archive update and verification. During the process of a normal system shutdown, the shutdown process compares the boot archive’s contents with the root file system. If there have been updates to the system such as drivers or configuration...


You all made me win , Thank you

You all know that we have recently announced  Solaris Associate Membership program from unixadminschool.com.  Initially when i took the decision of launching a Membership program from unixadminschool.com, i was very much tensed and worried . In addition to that the deadlines that i have set for myself...

Solaris 11 Administration Information Center

Read – How to Administrate IPQoS Read Command Cheat Sheet : Managing Services Read Command Cheat Sheet – Image Packaging System Read Command Cheat Sheet – Installation and Deployment Read Command Cheat Sheet – Basic Adminsitration Read – Monitoring System Activities using sar in Solaris Read...


Linux Admin Reference – SUDO Configuration in RedHat Enterprise Linux

Sudo is different from the su command and is more flexible and more secure. The sudo command allows users to do tasks on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system as another user. One significant advantage is that it can log usage. By default the program saves...


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