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Bash Scripting – Using Double Parantheses

Two additions to the bash shell provide advanced features that you can use in if-then statements: Double parentheses for mathematical expressions Double square brackets for advanced string handling functions The following sections describe each of these features in more detail.


Bash Scripting – Trying the Test Command

So far, all you’ve seen in the if statement line are normal shell commands. You might be wondering if the bash if-then statement has the ability to evaluate any condition other than a command’s exit status code. The answer is no, it can’t. However, there’s a...


Free Email Crash Course – Bash Scripting for unix and linux professionals

After delivering our first Free email crash course “Linux Admin Interview Preparation” to more than 1000 working professionals ( you can still signup for this course here http://tinyurl.com/za28xdz), now we are back with another free email crash course for unix and linux professionals, that will take...


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