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Installing and configuring SSH Service in Linux

You know that at some point or another you will need to be able to administer servers remotely, and you wouldn’t want to do this without some sort of security in place, right? SSH can protect the traffic that passes from your computer to a remote...


Storage Related tasks – Linux Disk Partitioning

Working with disks is an important part of maintaining storage space on your system. Partitions determine how your storage space is carved out for use later by the system and its users.  When adding more storage or creating it for the first time, you should partition...


Boot and Shutdown operations on Linux systems

Understanding Linux Boot Process Linux Boot Process Involves multiple Steps, let’s explore the entire boot process: Step 1: Power on the Machine Step 2: Run POST and Identify the  boot Device Step 3: Read the GRUB Boot loader from the MBR of Boot device The Grand...


Access Linux Systems Remotely

Remote Login Tools Secure Shell ( SSH) The Secure Shell (SSH) is one of the most versatile System Administration tool, that allows user to login and execute the commands on remote systems. It uses strong encryption and host keys as a protection against network sniffing. it...


Compression and Archival Tools for Linux Administrators

  File Compressing and Decompressing Utilities We have several tools to compress and decompress in unix and linux environment. Below is the list of some commonly used tools. gzip-compression The gzip tool is typically categorized as the “classic” method of compressing data on a Linux machine....


I/O direction commands in Linux

There are also a few characters you can use to direct or redirect output of commands. These characters are > Directs output to a file or device (overwrites if the file exists) < Directs input from the file or device >> Appends output or text to...


Linux regular expressions ( regex) to analyze text

Create a Sample file to Understand how RegEx commands works in Linux My original text Another line with the number 3 Search for the word “me” I contain 5and6 Skip me and me 0 + 1 = 1 Above this line is a math equation…duh! 1....


Basic Linux Commands for Everyday Usage

1.  List the contents of the current directory: # ls Desktop Documents Downloads Music Pictures Public Templates Videos 2. Show the current location: # pwd /home/user01 Presently, you are in user01’s home directory, so the output of the ls command was all directories that belong to...


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