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RHEL5/6 Interview Questions : User Adminsitration

1. What command (and options) can be used to create a user named JSmith with the description “Jr Admin”? 1a. useradd –c “Jr Admin” JSmith 2. What is the format of the /etc/shadow file? 2a. The format of the /etc/shadow file is <username>:<encrypted password>:<last passwd change>:<min>:<max>:<warn>:<inactive>:<expires>:<not used>. 3....


Configuring Email Services in Linux (RHEL5/6)

Overview of Email Services The email system is divided into three different parts: MUA, MDA, and MTA. The mail user agent (MUA) deals specifically with end users. It is what they use to type and read emails they receive. The MUA is a mail client of...


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