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How to add ISCSI targets (created from openfiler) for Linux-shared storage setup

So far we are done with the “Installation of OpenFiler” and “LUN provisioning”. Our next step is to assign iSCSI targets on hosts. I will be using RHEL6 as host for this. Pre-requisites for the LINUX HOSTS: Following package must be installed on the Linux hosts:...


Lun Provisioning in OpenFiler for shared storage

The best part of OpenFiler is its “Web Based Administration” which makes it even more user friendly. Below are the complete steps to provision new Luns in OpenFiler. “http://mentorsup.com/blog/2016/02/installation-of-openfiler-on-vmware-workstation-for-shared-storage-in-unix/” :Let me add two 1 GB disks (for new LUN creation) to OpenFiler VM which we have...


Installation of openfiler on VMware Workstation for shared storage in UNIX

Installation of openfiler on VMware Workstation for shared storage in UNIX Openfiler is an operating system that provides block based storage area network and file based NAS using ISCSI protocol. We can setup shared storage for our cluster setup using Openfiler.I have installed the openfiler on...


Upcoming Veritas Training Announcement

Veritas Storage Foundation and VCS administration for Unix and Linux Engineers, What is this course ? In Machine Critical Enterprise Server Environment, storage management and high availability are the two major requirements. These requirements are very dynamic in nature and require very efficient man power to...


How to deal with change requirements in Production environment

What is Change management? The purpose of the Change Management process is to ensure that: „ Standardised methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes „ All changes to service assets and configuration items are recorded in the Configuration Management System...


How to Deal with Incidents in Production Environment

What is Incident Management? Incident management (IcM) is a term describing the activities of an organization to identify, analyze, and correct hazards to prevent a future re-occurrence. These incidents within a structured organization are normally dealt with by either an Incident Response Team (IRT), or an Incident...


Getting Started with Red Hat Enterprise Linux – 7 – A Free Course

This is an introduction course to our Ever green Course “Become an Expert in Red Hat Enterprise Linux – 7 administration“, and in this Course you will learn about how to work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux – 7 using GNOME desktop environment.  How to Work with...


Become an Expert in Red Hat Enterprise Linux- 7

We know time is so important in your busy weekdays and Family Weekends, and that’s the reason we made a course that makes you an expert in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 , with just 15 minutes each day. Doesn’t matter whether you are commuting to...


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