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Solaris Administration Package ( Self Paced Video Learning )

What is this Membership for? Solaris Associate Membership will give you access to our On-Demand Video Learning Solaris Courses for one year. The Solaris Associate Membership includes Several Courses that are related to Solaris Operating System and you can access all of them for one year....


Veritas Training ( VxVM + VCS ) – Self Paced Video Learning

What is this Training Package ? In Machine Critical Enterprise Server Environment, storage management and high availability are the two major requirements. These requirements are very dynamic in nature and require very efficient man power to carry out day to day tasks related to them. Acquiring...


Bash Scripting – Trying the Test Command

So far, all you’ve seen in the if statement line are normal shell commands. You might be wondering if the bash if-then statement has the ability to evaluate any condition other than a command’s exit status code. The answer is no, it can’t. However, there’s a...


Free Email Crash Course – Bash Scripting for unix and linux professionals

After delivering our first Free email crash course “Linux Admin Interview Preparation” to more than 1000 working professionals ( you can still signup for this course here http://tinyurl.com/za28xdz), now we are back with another free email crash course for unix and linux professionals, that will take...


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