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Announcing AWS Marketplace Tax Calculation Service

AWS Marketplace is pleased to announce the availability of a new Tax Calculation Service (TCS) for software vendors. If you are a software vendor that sells products on AWS Marketplace, you can now choose to enroll your paid product listings in TCS for… Continue Reading...


Amazon Elasticsearch Service Now Available in the Europe (London) and Canada (Central) Regions

We are excited to announce availability of Amazon Elasticsearch Service in the Europe (London) and Canada (Central) regions. With the addition of these two regions, Amazon Elasticsearch Service is now available in 14 regions globally: US East (N. … Continue Reading — Amazon Elasticsearch Service Now...


SQLcl – Setting Up the Formatter

Just because you’re in a command line interface doesn’t mean you’re stuck with ugly code! Wait, if it’s my code, you’re stuck with ugly code. But if it’s YOUR code, then you’re not stuck with poorly formatted code. You can of course use the FORMAT command...


Discover savings opportunities by using the new Reserved Instance (“RI”) Coverage Reports in AWS Cost Explorer

Today, we are introducing RI Coverage Reports in AWS Cost Explorer to help you identify instance hours that are not covered by RIs, highlighting opportunities for savings. Continue Reading — Discover savings opportunities by using the new Reserved Instance (“RI”) Coverage Reports in AWS Cost...



vNIC adapterThe SR-IOV implementation on Power servers has an additional feature, it is called vNIC (virtual Network Interface Controller). vNIC is a type of virtual Ethernet adapter, that is configured on the LPAR. Each vNIC is backed by an SR-IOV logical port (LP) that is available...


There’s Now an Arc Theme for Thunderbird

If you use both the Arc GTK theme and Mozilla Thunderbird as your e-mail app, we’ve found a theme that helps them blend. The Arc theme for Thunderbird faithfully translates the soft edges and gentle colour palette of the standard Arc GTK theme to Mozilla’s open-source email...


MONDAY SPOTLIGHT: Updated whitepaper for Oracle Linux Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c

Happy Monday to all Linux fans. Today we would like to highlight an updated whitepaper available here.  This whitepaper describes the comprehensive Oracle Linux management capabilities available in Oracle Enterprise Manager and has been updated fo… Continue Reading — MONDAY SPOTLIGHT: Updated whitepaper for Oracle...


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