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System76 Isn’t Giving Up On Ubuntu

System76 sells millions of dollars worth of Ubuntu laptops and PCs every year — but they’re not letting news that Ubuntu is dropping Unity affect them. This post, System76 Isn’t Giving Up On Ubuntu, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. ...


How Linux Figures Reacted to Ubuntu’s Unity Bombshell

News that Ubuntu is to u-turn on Unity, can Convergence, and scrap its smartphones took the open-source community by total surprise last week. In this post we roundup the reactions that some prominent free software stalwarts, Linux pundits, and former Canonical employees had to the news. This list is by no means exhaustive. If you’ve...


Creating a mail server with Postfix, Dovecot & Squirrelmail

One of the most widely used services around the world is EMail. Whether its any organization or individual, email is used by everyone. Anyone can create an Email account with ease on any of the email servers like gmail, outlook etc but for an organization, it...


Kernel prepatch 4.11-rc6

The 4.11-rc6 kernel prepatch is out. “Things are looking fairly normal, so here’s the regular weekly rc. It’s a bit bigger than rc5, but not alarmingly so, and nothing looks particularly worrisome.” Continue Reading — Kernel prepatch 4.11-rc6


Haas: New Features Coming in PostgreSQL 10

Here’s an extensive summary of new features in the upcoming PostgreSQL 10 release from Robert Haas. “PostgreSQL has had physical replication — often called streaming replication — since version 9.0, but this requires replicating the entire da… Continue Reading — Haas: New Features Coming in...


Diving into Elixir

The following article has been contributed by Imobach González Sosa, Software Engineer at the YaST team, SUSE.           Apart from being fun, I truly believe that learning new programming languages helps you to become a better developer. And that’s specially true if...


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