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[$] A new API for mounting filesystems

The mount() system call tries to do too many things, Miklos Szeredi said at the start of a filesystem-only discussion at LSFMM 2017. He has been interested in cleaning that up for a long time. So he wanted to discuss some ideas he had for a...


PCS 17.1.3 leveraging ICS by Niall Commiskey

Now we have even tighter integration between PCS and ICS. Together they provide us with an unbeatable process and integration platform. Let’s start with a simple example – Here is my ICS process – all it does is create an organization in Service Cloud. Now to...


Weekend security updates

Security updates have been issued by Debian (ejabberd, jhead, and samba), Fedora (chromium, drupal8, empathy, erlang, firefox, icoutils, kernel, knot-resolver, libICE, libupnp, libXdmcp, links, mbedtls, moodle, mupdf, ntp, openslp, R, rkward, rp… Continue Reading — Weekend security updates


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