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[$] Container-aware filesystems

We are getting closer to being able to do unprivileged mounts inside containers, but there are still some pieces that do not work well in that scenario. In particular, the user IDs (and group IDs) that are embedded into filesystem images are pr… Continue Reading...


Supercomputing: The Next Frontier for Health Analytics

When most people think about how to analyze large amounts of health-related information, the phrase “big data” is what immediately comes to mind. Millions of dollars in resources and thousands of analytics professionals are collectively working towards finding correlations and medical breakthroughs from making the most...


SUSE Container as a Service 1.0 Public Beta Available!

Today, we are thrilled to announce our very first SUSE Container as a Service Platform 1.0 Public Beta image. SUSE Container as a Service (CaaS) Platform is an application development and hosting platform for container applications and services that enables you to provision, manage, and scale...


Is your datacenter futureproof?

Blame mobile devices. All of them. Smartphones, tablets, smart watches, fitness trackers – anything that provides gives you data. As consumers, we are spoiled by personalized instant access to news, weather and sports, answers to random questions, information about products and services, calories we’ve consumed and...


The Papirus Icon Theme Needs YOUR Help

Papirus is one of the most popular Linux icon themes available, but now this stylish icon set needs your help to stay in active development. This post, The Papirus Icon Theme Needs YOUR Help, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubunt… ...


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