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The new contribution workflow for GNOME

The GNOME Project has announced a streamlined contribution system built around a Flatpak-based build system. “No specific distribution required. No specific version required. No dependencies hell. Reproducible, if it builds for me it will build… Continue Reading — The new contribution workflow for GNOME


Securing Apache web server with SSL Certificate

When accessing a website, user sends its request to server & server than responds to user with the requested data.  During this process data gets passed on from one computer to another until it reaches to its destination and data during transit can be intercepted leading to...


Revolutionizing ARM Technology: x86_64 Option ROM on AArch64

The following article has been contributed by Alexander Graf, Principal Software Engineer at SUSE.       Every piece of hardware, every electronic device comes with so-called firmware–software that is deeply embedded in the piece of hardware, that provides the low-level control program for the device,...


Mozilla Thunderbird 52 Released with Various Improvements

Mozilla Thunderbird 52 has been released. The latest stable release of Mozilla’s popular desktop email app picks up a modest set of improvements. This post, Mozilla Thunderbird 52 Released with Various Improvements, was written by Joey Sneddon and fir… Continue Reading — Mozilla Thunderbird 52...


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