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Registration for Linux Plumbers Conference is now open

Registration for the 2017 Linux Plumbers Conference is now open. “Registration prices and cutoff dates are published in the ATTEND page of the web site. A reminder that we are following a quota system to release registration slots. Therefore the… Continue Reading — Registration for...


What’s new in 12.2: CELLMEMORY Part 3

The Cellmemory Stats in RDBMS  The RDBMS stats for Cellmemory are designed to closely follow the pattern used by the Inmemory stats  Query Stats   Each column in each one MB of disk blocks will be rewritten into one IMC format Column CU in flash and a...


SEI CERT C++ Coding Standard

LinuxSecurity.com: The C++ rules and recommendations in this wiki are a work in progress and reflect the current thinking of the secure coding community. Because this is a development website, many pages are incomplete or contain errors. As rules and r… Continue Reading — SEI...


How to Change the GNOME Shell Font

I’m using GNOME Shell as my default Linux desktop on Ubuntu at the moment, and so far I’m really enjoying it — bar one thing. The main GNOME Shell UI font is not directly changeable. GNOME Tweak Tool lets you change the font family and font size...


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