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Kernel prepatch 4.11-rc8

Linus has released 4.11-rc8 instead of the expected 4.11 final. “So originally I was just planning on releasing the final 4.11 today, but while we didn’t have a *lot* of changes the last week, we had a couple of really annoying ones, so I’m doi… ...



世界20都市で開かれるイベントの東京版は5月18日です。まだ空席ありますのでぜひお申込みください。Tokyo | Oracle Code 2017 | Live for the CodeOracle Codeは世界中の技術者を対象に、最新技術動向や、ユースケース、トレンドに関するノウハウや技術情報が入手できる開発者のためのイベントです。私もセッションで話す予定です。 Continue Reading — 5月18日開発者向けイベント@品川


Just how fast is TimesTen In-Memory Database?

The TimesTen In-Memory Database can have excellent performance on even commodity hardware. RDBMS performance has two important factors, latency and throughput. Latency is about how fast SQL Select, Insert, Update, Delete or Merge operations can be comp… Continue Reading — Just how fast is TimesTen...


Ubuntu Membership Board call for nominations

As you may know, Ubuntu Membership is a recognition of significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community. To this end, the Community Council recruits from our current member community for the valuable role of reviewing and evaluating the contributions of potential members to...


Integration at the Speed of Business

Being recognized by Gartner as a Leader in Enterprise Integration PaaS (iPaaS) in just two years of inception has been one of the most welcome news yet for our team in 2017.  Click here for the report. With the explosive growth in the number of SaaS...


Flattiance is a Flat Fork of Ubuntu’s Ambiance Theme

Flattiance is pitched as a “semi-flat fork” of the Ubuntu Ambiance theme. You know, the one that ships out of the box and by default. On the whole Flattiance keeps to the same color palette, with dark browns and orange accents, but it ditches the gradient in app headers in...


Software Adoption Surveys: From Quantity To Quality!

In a democracy, everyone is equal. One person, one vote, and all votes are equal since all people are equal. Erroneously, that approach is applied to software adoption surveys too. Anyone at all can respond to a survey and can indicate that they use software product...


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