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What’s New in Android: O Developer Preview 2

The Android Developers blog looks at the latest Android O Developer Preview, which is now in public beta. The developer preview also contains an early version of a project called Android Go which is built specifically for Android devices that h… Continue Reading — What’s...


Simplenote gives a new life to your notes

There’s a new desktop snap in the Snap store: Simplenote. Write in Markdown, sync, tag, collaborate and publish If you haven’t tried it yet, Simplenote brings a solid note taking utility to your day-to-day open source toolkit. Don’t be fooled by a simple appearance, as it’s one of...


[$] IPv6 segment routing

In November 2016, a new networking feature, IPv6 segment routing (also known as “IPv6 SR” or “SRv6”), was merged into net-next and subsequently included in Linux 4.10. In this article, we explain this new feature, describe key elements of its im… Continue Reading — [$]...


[$] Vulnerability hoarding and Wcry

A virulent ransomware worm attacked a wide swath of Windows machines worldwide in mid-May. The malware, known as Wcry, Wanna, or WannaCry, infected a number of systems at high-profile organizations as well as striking at critical pieces of the … Continue Reading — [$] Vulnerability...


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