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Video Demo of Ubuntu on the GPD Pocket 7-inch Laptop

It’s been a couple of months since the diminutive 7-inch GPD Pocket laptop smashed through its crowdfunding goal, so you might be  interested to know how it’s getting on. Well, today you can take a look for yourself. GPD, the company making the almost pocket-size PC has shared...


Qt 5.9 released

Lars Knoll takes a look at the Qt 5.9 LTS release. “With Qt 5.9, we have had a strong focus on performance and stability. We’ve fixed a large number of bugs all across Qt, and we have done a lot of work to improve our continuous...


[$] Keeping Python competitive

Victor Stinner sees a need to improve Python performance in order to keep it competitive with other languages. He brought up some ideas for doing that in a 2017 Python Language Summit session. No solid conclusions were reached, but there is a … Continue Reading...


OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest May 20-26

SuccessBot Says clarkb 1 : infra added city cloud to the pool of test nodes. pabelanger 2 : opensuse-422-infracloud-chocolate-8977043 launched by nodepool. All: 3 etcd 3.x as a Base Service A devstack review 4 that adds a new etcd3 service. Two options to enable the DLM...


[$] Toward non-blocking asynchronous I/O

The Linux asynchronous I/O (AIO) layer tends to have many critics and few defenders, but most people at least expect it to actually be asynchronous. In truth, an AIO operation can block in the kernel for a number of reasons, making AIO difficul… Continue Reading...


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