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How to Cast Video from Ubuntu With Mkchromecast

You can now cast local video to Chromecast from the Ubuntu desktop using Mkchromecast, an open-source Chromecast app for Linux and macOS. This post, How to Cast Video from Ubuntu With Mkchromecast, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG!… Continue Reading —...


Stable kernels for everybody

The 4.11.2, 4.10.17, 4.9.29, 4.4.69, and 3.18.54 stable kernel updates have all been released with the usual set of important fixes. Note that this is the final update for the 4.10 kernel. Continue Reading — Stable kernels for everybody


[$] Revisiting “too small to fail”

Back in 2014, the revelation that the kernel’s memory-management subsystem would not allow relatively small allocation requests to fail created a bit of a stir. The discussion has settled down since then, but the “too small to fail” rule still … Continue Reading — [$]...


This Extensions Splits GNOME Status Menu into Individual Indicators

The all-in-one GNOME system status menu introduced in GNOME 3.10 helps save room on the top-bar — but this compact control panel does not suit everyone’s needs. GNOME decided to bundle a bunch of state area settings into one dedicated menu to resolve various issues flagged with the previous ‘separate menu for everything’ approach...


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