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[$] Progress on the Gilectomy

At the 2016 Python Language Summit, Larry Hastings introduced Gilectomy, his project to remove the global interpreter lock (GIL) from CPython. The GIL serializes access to the Python interpreter, so it severely limits the performance of multi-… Continue Reading — [$] Progress on the Gilectomy


[$] The state of bugs.python.org

In a brief session at the 2017 Python Language Summit, Maciej Szulik gave an update on the state and plans for bugs.python.org (bpo). It is the Roundup-based bug tracker for Python; moving to GitHub has not changed that. He described the work… Continue Reading —...


Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Supports Linux Huge Pages

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL now supports Linux kernel huge pages for increased database scalability. The use of huge pages results in smaller page tables and less CPU time spent on memory management, increasing the performance of large database instances… Continue Reading — Amazon RDS for...


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