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Poyarekar: The story of tunables

On his blog, Siddhesh Poyarekar looks at tunables in the GNU C library (glibc). The idea for centralizing the handling of tunable parameters in the library started back 2013, but was added to glibc in version 2.25 that was released in February…. Continue Reading —...


[$] What’s new in gnuplot 5.2

This article is a tour of some of the newest features in the gnuplot plotting utility. Some of these features are already present in the 5.0 release, and some are planned for the next official release, which will be gnuplot 5.2. Highlights… Continue Reading — [$]...


United GNOME Theme Updated, Looks Better Than Ever

A new version of United GNOME, the Unity 8 inspired GTK theme, is available to download — and there are some significant changes to see. The United GNOME theme, partly inspired by the design direction of Canonical’s scrapped Unity 8 desktop, has picked up a few fixes and...


Quod Libet 3.9 Released, Here’s How to Install it on Ubuntu

A new version of Quod Libet, an open-source and cross-platform music app, is available to download. The app is a versatile music player/manager for Windows, macOS and Linux. It has several advanced built-in features, including a file renamer, a music tagger, and an audio encoder. The latest release is Quod Libet 3.9. This...


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