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Latest Ubuntu 17.10 Update Ditches the Unity Desktop, Installs GNOME

And so it begins: the Unity desktop and related packages have been removed from the ‘seeds’ used to build Ubuntu 17.10. As previously announced, Ubuntu 17.10 will ship with GNOME Shell as the default desktop environment in place of Canonical’s home-grown Unity desktop. Unity has been Ubuntu’s default desktop since 2011....


InSpec goes networking

Recently we announced the release of InSpec for cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and VMware. It demonstrates InSpec’s evolution in going from operating systems compliance to platforms and APIs compliance. During the keynote at ChefConf 2017, Christoph Hartmann highlighted another part of this evolution: InSpec’s support for...


Monthly News – May 2017

Linux Mint 18.2 “Sonya” is just around the corner. The Cinnamon and MATE editions are currently in QA (functional testing) and we should be able to release them as BETA early this month. Cinnamon was upgraded to version 3.4 and MATE to version 1.18. The switch...


Create your first Virtual machine in RHEL/CentOS using KVM

Use of virtualization is on rise, more & more enterprises are adopting it. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using it cost saving. Companies save on hardware resources, space & reduced power consumption. &One of the major player in the field of virtualization is KVM technology. KVM...


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