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Announcing Amazon DynamoDB Auto Scaling

Starting today, when you create a new DynamoDB table using the AWS Management Console, the table will have Auto Scaling enabled by default. DynamoDB Auto Scaling automatically adjusts read and write throughput capacity, in response to dynamically chang… Continue Reading — Announcing Amazon DynamoDB Auto...


KDE Applications 17.04.2 Arrives in Tumbleweed

KDE Applications 17.04.2 is now available to openSUSE Tumbleweed users after arriving in the most recent snapshot of the five snapshots delivered this week. Snapshot 20170612 is the largest snapshot of the week and centers mostly on fixing bugs and adding patches. GNOME’s Bijiben upgraded to...


IoT going beyond the proof of concept

The majority of IoT deployments across smart city, industrial or smart home are still relatively small scale and their benefits kept within the confines of the respective organisations. Slow deployments and costs are often to blame which prevent IT man… Continue Reading — IoT going...


DevSecOps is Not a Security Panacea

LinuxSecurity.com: Many development teams view security as an impediment to agility and innovation, but efforts over the past few years have tried to integrate security controls and testing directly into DevOps workflows without sacrificing development… Continue Reading — DevSecOps is Not a Security Panacea


Tails 3.0 is out

Tails 3.0 has been released. Tails, the amnesic incognito live system, is a Debian-based live system aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity. Version 3.0 is based on Debian 9 (stretch). “It brings a completely new startup and shutdown experi… Continue Reading — Tails 3.0 is...


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