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Some weekend stable kernel updates

The 4.11.6, 4.9.33, and 4.4.73 stable kernel updates are out with a relatively large set of important fixes. Greg Kroah-Hartman has also let it be known that the next long-term stable kernel series will be 4.14. Continue Reading — Some weekend stable kernel updates


Konecny: Anaconda modularisation

On his blog, Jiri Konecny writes about plans for modularizing Anaconda, which is the installer for Fedora and other Linux distributions. Anaconda is written in Python 3, but is all contained in one monolithic program. “The current Anaconda… Continue Reading — Konecny: Anaconda modularisation


OpenStack Developer Mailing list Digest June 10-16

Summaries TC report 24 by Chris Dent 1 Release countdown for week R-10 and R-9, June 16-30 by Thierry 2 TC Status Update by Thierry 3. Making Fuel a Hosted Project Fuel originated from Mirantis as their OpenStack installer. Approved as an official OpenStack project November...


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