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Amazon GameLift Fleet Creation Logs

Amazon GameLift now emits logs that help you debug fleet creation. Logs give you greater visibility into build extraction, installation, and runtime configuration validation that help you debug issues seen during fleet creation. After your fleet is created, you can still continue debugging instances of your...


Four new stable kernels

Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced the release of the 4.11.8, 4.9.35, 4.4.75, and 3.18.59 stable kernels. As usual, they contain important fixes and users of those kernel series should upgrade. Continue Reading — Four new stable kernels


Proste zarządzanie kontenerami… i serwerami Linux

Firma SUSE zaprezentowała właśnie SUSE Manager 3.1 – najnowszą wersję w pełni otwartego oprogramowania open source do zarządzania infrastrukturą IT.  SUSE Manager jest już dobrze znany na rynku jako narzędzie do zarządzania serwerami Linux (SUSE, Red Hat) w środowiskach fizycznych i wirtualnych. Wersja 3.1 ułatwia dodatkowo...


Learn Chef Rally: More Reasons to Learn

I am excited to see that so many of you have checked out the new Learn Chef Rally site – https://learn.chef.io. There is a lot of Chef learning available to you and we want to encourage you to continue to go through tracks and modules. I...


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