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[$] Breaking Libgcrypt RSA via a side channel

A recent paper [PDF] by a group of eight cryptography researchers shows, once again, how cryptographic breakthroughs are made. They often start small, with just a reduction in the strength of a cipher or key search space, say, but then grow over time to reach the...


Cuoq/Regehr: Undefined Behavior in 2017

Here is a detailed summary of undefined behavior in C and C++ programs — and the tools that can be used to detect such behavior — by Pascal Cuoq and John Regehr. “The state of the art in debugging tools for strict aliasing violations is weak....


Chef Automate release – July 2017

Chef Automate is officially one year old as of this latest release (1.5.46). Happy birthday, Chef Automate! There are a number of things to highlight this release. Compliance Views Better insight of compliance state and profile data is now available by default in the Chef Automate GUI....


[$] A little surprise in the Ubuntu motd

At the end of June, Zachary Fouts noticed something on his Ubuntu system that surprised him a bit: an entry in the “message of the day” (motd) that looked, at least to some, like an advertisement. That is, of course, not what anyone expects from their...


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