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Millió ok az ünneplésre

Nemrégiben fontos állomáshoz érkezett a SUSE automatizált tesztelési keretrendszere, az openQA: az egymilliomodik tesztet végezték el a segítségével. Az automatizált eszköz segítségével a szakemberek különféle operációs rendszereken, valamint a SUSE szoftverein végezhetnek teszteket. Termékteszteket hajthatnak végre például a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3-as verzióján (legyen...


Someone Finally Asks Why Ubuntu Has 3 Terminal Apps…

I’ve often wondered why Ubuntu ships with several different terminal apps installed by default. It’s a minor little quirk, granted, and something few people will notice. But a query that has, from time to time, confused me. Naturally I presume there to be some differences between GNOME...


Debian reproducible builds project update

Debian’s reproducible builds project has posted an update of what it has accomplished over the last few years. “On our website there are nice colourful graphs showing our progress in numerical terms. In particular, let us point to the stretch… Continue Reading — Debian reproducible...


Kernel prepatch 4.13-rc2

The 4.13-rc2 kernel prepatch is out for testing. “Changes all over, although the diffstat is dominated by the new vboxvideo staging driver. I shouldn’t have let it through, but Greg, as we all know, is ‘special’. Also, Quod licet Iovi, and all … Continue Reading...


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