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And We’re Off: Ubuntu 21.04 Development Begins

Development of Ubuntu 21.04 ‘Hirsute Hippo’ is now officially underway! Ubuntu developer Matthias Klose posted the traditional ribbon-cutting post over on the Ubuntu mailing list. There he explains that development starts with one major change […] This post, And We’re Off: Ubuntu 21.04 Development Begins is...


Securing Linux machines with AppArmor

In an ideal world, applications would be free from security vulnerabilities but, once compromised, even a trusted application can become untrustworthy. AppArmor provides a crucial layer of security around applications. By providing the capability to whitelist an application’s permissible actions, AppArmor enables administrators to apply the...


Amazon Textract announces improvements to reduce average API processing times by up to 20%

Amazon Textract is a machine learning service that enables you to automatically extract text and data, including from tables and forms within scanned documents and images. As a managed service, Textract delivers continuous improvements over time. Today… Continue Reading — Amazon Textract announces improvements to...


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