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The New Ubuntu Dock (First Look)

We reported last week that Ubuntu is creating a fork of Dash to Dock, the popular GNOME extension, for use on the Ubuntu 17.10 desktop — but we didn’t know a lot about it. Well, we did some digging over the weekend and found the development...


Four stable kernel updates

Greg Kroah-Hartman has released stable kernels 4.12.6, 4.9.42, 4.4.81, and 3.18.64. All of them contain important fixes and users should upgrade. Continue Reading — Four stable kernel updates


Continuous Automation at Texas A&M University

Velocity increasingly drives the modern IT landscape. The convenience of being able to control nearly every aspect of our lives from the phones in our pockets brings with it an expectation that the companies and services we patronize and depend on evolve to meet our needs...


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