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Florian Bonin, Premium Support Engineer chez SUSE

Dans cet article, j’ai choisi d’interviewer un collègue travaillant  au support SUSE pour faire mieux connaître son rôle et ses motivations. Parle-nous de toi : Je m’appelle Florian Bonin, j’ai 36 ans. Je suis l’heureux papa de 2 merveilles qui occupent bien mes weekends. Où travailles-tu ? La...


Gaming Spotlight: Infinifactory

Nixie Pixel shines a spotlight on Infinifactory, a brain-addling puzzle game from Zachtronics and available to play on Linux. This post, Gaming Spotlight: Infinifactory, was written by Nixie Pixel and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. Continue Reading — Gaming Spotlight: Infinifactory


[$] Remote imports for Python?

<p> Importing a module into a Python program is a pretty invasive operation; it directly runs code in the current process that has access to anything the process can reach. So it is not wildly surprising that a suggestion to add a way to directly import...


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