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DevOps on Federal News Radio

DevOps is making its way through every industry yet is still a concept that is not widely understood. A recent episode of the Federal Tech Talk series provides a perspective on DevOps including some insights on the definition, how to start practicing DevOps, and where to...


Open Source Desktop Radio App Gradio Updated

A new version of Gradio, a desktop radio app for Linux desktops, is available for download. A fairly sizeable update, Gradio 6.0 introduces a number of UI improvements, including a new sort menu, extended radio station search, and the ability to ‘edit’ station details. The app isn’t new...


5 reasons why device makers cannot secure the IoT platform

LinuxSecurity.com: If Akamai, Cisco and Google’s post-platform security and privacy machine learning security systems protecting the web and mobile platforms are indicative of the future, IoT device makers will only be part of a larger security ecosyst… Continue Reading — 5 reasons why device makers...


[$] A different approach to kernel configuration

The kernel’s configuration system can be challenging to deal with it; Linus Torvalds recently called it “one of the worst parts of the whole project”. Thus, anything that might help users with the process of configuring a kernel build would be … Continue Reading —...


[$] Mongoose OS for IoT prototyping

Mongoose OS is an open-source operating system for tiny embedded systems. It is designed to run on devices such as microcontrollers, which are often constrained with memory on the order of tens of kilobytes, while exposing a programming int… Continue Reading — [$] Mongoose OS for...


Windows 10’s Built-In Linux Shell Could Be Abused to Hide Malware, Researchers Say

LinuxSecurity.com: Microsoft surprised the technology world last year when it announced that users will be able to run native Linux applications in Windows 10 without virtualization. While this feature is meant to help developers, researchers believe i… Continue Reading — Windows 10’s Built-In Linux Shell...


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