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If you Use TopIcons Plus, We’ve Some Bad News…

The development of the popular TopIcons Plus GNOME extension has been put on pause. Offering a convenient way to access indicator applets and system tray icons from the GNOME top bar, the extension has proven popular with GNOME Shell users, especially as GNOME 3.26 removes the legacy tray entirely. But...


Ant is a Flat GTK Theme with a Bloody Bite

Between Arc, Adapta and Numix it kind of feels like Linux has the whole flat GTK theme thing covered. But proving their’s always room for one more is Ant. Ant is a flat GTK theme for Ubuntu and other GNOME-based Linux desktops. It’s available in three striking...


OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest September 16-22

Summaries Technical Committee Status update POST /api-sig/news Release Countdown PTG Survey/polls Should we have Upstream Institutes at the PTG? yay or nay Summaries Blazar Cross-project Simplification in OpenStack etherpad Skip Level Upgrades & Fast Forward Upgrades and thread Charms Cinder Team photo Cyborg Docs and i18n...


GitLab 10.0 Released

GitLab 10.0 has been released. “With every monthly release of GitLab, we introduce new capabilities and improve our existing features. GitLab 10.0 is no exception and includes numerous new additions, such as the ability to automatically resolve… Continue Reading — GitLab 10.0 Released


Announcing Intel Clear Containers 3.0

The Clear Containers team at Intel has announced the release of Clear Containers 3.0. “Completely rewritten and refactored, Clear Containers 3.0 uses Go language instead of C and introduces many new components and features. The 3.0 release of C… Continue Reading — Announcing Intel Clear...


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