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Fedora 25: pkgconf Security Update

LinuxSecurity.com: # Security fixes – fix crash in edge case where a .pc file has misquoting in a fragment list. # Other bug fixes: – fix logic edge case when comparing relocated paths Continue Reading — Fedora 25: pkgconf Security Update


Fedora 27: git Security Update

LinuxSecurity.com: These releases are about hardening `git shell` that is used on servers against an unsafe user input, which `git cvsserver` copes with poorly. From the release notes: * “git cvsserver” no longer is invoked by “git shell” by default… Continue Reading — Fedora 27:...


Developer Mailing List Digest September 23-29 2017

Summaries TC Report 39 Release countdown for week R-21, September 29 – October 6 Technical committee status update, September 29 Placement/resource providers update 36 POST /api-sig/news Sydney Forum General Links What the heck is the form? When: November 6-8, 2017 Where: OpenStack Summit in Sydney Australia...


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