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Stable kernels 4.13.5, 4.9.53, 4.4.90, and 3.18.73

The latest batch of stable kernels has been released: 4.13.5, 4.9.53, 4.4.90, and 3.18.73 are now available. As usual, they contain fixes throughout the tree; users of those series should upgrade. Continue Reading — Stable kernels 4.13.5, 4.9.53, 4.4.90, and 3.18.73


Videos from the GNU Tools Cauldron

The 2017 GNU Tools Cauldron was held September 8 to 10 in Prague. Videos from the sessions are now available. The sessions cover ongoing work with GCC, the GDB debugger, the GNU C Library, and more. Continue Reading — Videos from the GNU Tools Cauldron


Lenovo Unwraps the 25th Anniversary ThinkPad

The Lenovo ThinkPad 25th Anniversary Edition has been officially unveiled — and it seems last month’s leak was spot on. This post, Lenovo Unwraps the 25th Anniversary ThinkPad, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. Continue Reading — Lenovo Unwraps the...


PyPy v5.9 released

PyPy is a Python interpreter with a focus on performance; the project has just announced its 5.9 release. This version has full support for NumPy and Pandas in Python 2.7, along with many other improvements. The Python 3.5 interprete… Continue Reading — PyPy v5.9 released


PostgreSQL 10 released

Version 10 of the PostgreSQL database management system has been released. “A critical feature of modern workloads is the ability to distribute data across many nodes for faster access, management, and analysis, which is also known as a ‘divide… Continue Reading — PostgreSQL 10 released


LEDE v17.01.3 service release

The LEDE project has announced a “service release” of its router distribution. “LEDE 17.01.3 ‘Reboot’ incorporates a fair number of fixes back ported from the development branch during the last sixteen weeks.” Included therein is a pile of sec… Continue Reading — LEDE v17.01.3 service...


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