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[$] Point releases for the GNU C Library

The GNU C Library (glibc) project produces regular releases on an approximately six-month cadence. The current release is 2.26 from early August; the 2.27 release is expected at the beginning of February 2018. Unlike many other projects, thoug… Continue Reading — [$] Point releases for...


LXD Weekly Status #19

Introduction This past week, part of the team was back in New York for more planning meetings, getting the details of the next 6 months, including LXC, LXD and LXCFS 3.0 fleshed out. The rest of the team made good progress on some smaller feature work,...


DragonFly BSD 5.0

DragonFly BSD 5.0 has been released. “Preliminary HAMMER2 support has been released into the wild as-of the 5.0 release. This support is considered EXPERIMENTAL and should generally not yet be used for production machines and important data. Th… Continue Reading — DragonFly BSD 5.0


AWS WAF Now Supports Geographic Match

Today, we are excited to announced new Geographic (Geo) Match Conditions in AWS WAF. This new condition type allows you to use AWS WAF to restrict application access based on the geographic location of your viewers. With geo match conditions you can ch… Continue Reading...


AWS WAF Now Supports Regular Expressions (Regex)

Today, we are excited to announce Regular Expression (regex) support in AWS WAF. Regex complements the string match conditions previously available in AWS WAF, allowing you to match more sophisticated request patterns when inspecting and filtering web … Continue Reading — AWS WAF Now Supports...


SUSECON: simply impressed

It’s been more than one week now since I joined SUSECON17 in Prague. What struck me most were the utmost positive remarks partners and customers made during the week. Here are some of my impressions of a wonderful week in the Czech capital. I have been...


An enforcement clarification from the kernel community

The Linux Foundation’s Technical Advisory board, in response to concerns about exploitative license enforcement around the kernel, has put together this patch adding a document to the kernel describing its view of license enforcement. This docu… Continue Reading — An enforcement clarification from the kernel...


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