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Learning Habitat with the Chef Training Team

Habitat is an open-source project by Chef that moves an application’s configuration, management, and behavior to the application itself, not the infrastructure that the application runs on. Habitat provides simple and consistent ways to deploy and manage cloud-native applications. In addition to the awesome tutorials on...


What is a firewall?

LinuxSecurity.com: Network-based firewalls have become almost ubiquitous across US enterprises for their proven defense against an ever-increasing array of threats. Continue Reading — What is a firewall?


Artful Aardvark (17.10) Final Freeze

Adam Conrad, on behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team is pleased to announce that artful has entered the Final Freeze period in preparation for the final release of Ubuntu 17.10 next week. The current uploads in the queue will be reviewed and either accepted or rejected as appropriate...


Containers, watch out! Big Brother is watching you!

At SUSECON 2017 I interviewed Michele Bologna and Johannes Renner about the latest features our engineers added to SUSE Manager: If you are too busy to watch the 2-minute video, here’s the summary of what’s new in SUSE Manager 3.1.2, our latest maintenance update: SUSE Manager...


Amazon EMR now supports I3 instances

You can now create Amazon EMR clusters with I3 instances, the next generation of Amazon EC2 Storage Optimized instances. This is available for Amazon EMR clusters with release 5.9.0 and later. For pricing information, please visit: https://aws.ama… Continue Reading — Amazon EMR now supports I3 instances


[$] The trouble with text-only email

Mozilla’s manifesto commits the organization to a number of principles, including support for individual privacy and an individual’s right to control how they experience the Internet. As a result, when Mozilla recently stated its intent to remove the “text only” option from its mailing lists —...


The shift to pervasive automation

We’ve realized automation is a journey for every organization, and three challenges stand in their way. Our newest product innovations are here to help. Continue Reading — The shift to pervasive automation


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